Our parish is served by a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) made up of our Parish Priest and seven representative parishioners from each of our two communities within the parish, up to five of whom from each community are voted onto the Council, with the remainder being invited members chosen by a consensus of the elected members and the Parish Priest (thus allowing us to address discrepancies in such areas as age or gender, as well as being able to co-opt people because of special skills needed on the Parish Pastoral Council). The Principals of our two Parish Schools are ex officio members of the PPC. The term of membership of a Council member is three years. Councillors are eligible to stand for a second term but must step down after this

The role of the Council is to provide advice and support to the Parish Priest in the areas of pastoral planning, parish administration and ministry, and parish mission.

A member of the PPC serves as a representative on the Parish Finance Committee.

The Council welcomes ideas and issues from parishioners. A photo board showing all current members of the PPC is located near the main entrance to each church.

The Parish Priest is President of the Parish Pastoral Council, reflecting his role as President of the community, while Council meetings themselves are chaired by a chairperson elected by the members of the PPC.

The current members of the PPC are:

Robert Neil
Gwen Ilic
Kerry Kelly
Garry Leary
Vania Maait
Leon D'Sylva
Natasha Peterson
Linda Power
Natalie Viset
Paul Whittaker

The Principals of our two Parish Schools, Mary Hor and Ann Milling are also members of the Parish Pastoral Council