In the year 2000 the two parishes of Epping and Carlingford entered a common relationship through the sharing of a single Parish Priest. Over the next six or seven years the parishes entered a process of increasing collaboration and sharing of resources and pastoral programmes, including the sharing of a common parish staff. In July 2007 the two parishes formally became one parish with the name of The Catholic Parish of Epping and Carlingford. In the model we are following however we still retain two distinct (though of course collaborating and cooperating) communities within our single parish structure the communities gathered around our two parish churches of St Gerard's at Carlingford and Our Lady Help of Christians' at Epping.

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Sixth Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

Two things!

Firstly, as I mentioned last week, some of you may be aware that the JRPP has once again deferred a decision on the development planned for 35 Oxford Street (the site next to the presbytery), and the developer is now taking his application to the Land and Environment Court for a decision. Regardless of the outcome, we need to move forward in our discussions as to how we are going to respond to the changes in population and the future of our parish as far as the site at Epping is concerned. Last year we held a parish meeting on this matter and now is the time us to gather again. I would like to invite you all to join me on Thursday 5th May in the Parish Hall located in the school grounds at Epping for a meeting commencing at 7:30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a verbal update on what has transpired since we last gathered at the end of October last year, to consult you regarding the possible “ingredients” of a masterplan for the site, keeping in mind that the Church will remain and a school will be part of any possible future development, and to provide a timeline and outline our next steps. I have also made more copies of the letter relating to this matter which I included in the parish bulletin at Easter and will leave them near the entrances to both of our Churches.

Secondly, the final weekend where Fathers Peter De Souza and Geoff will be still with us here at Epping and Carlingford is the 14/15th May. In order that both communities will have an opportunity to say ‘farewell’ to them the following arrangements are being organised.

Firstly, the Saturday evening 6pm Vigil Mass at St Gerard’s on the 14th May, both Fathers Geoff and Peter will preside and there will be a light supper afterwards. I will be presiding at the 5pm Mass at Epping and will join everyone at the conclusion of the 6pm Mass at Carlingford. We ask that if you are coming to the Mass, please bring a plate of food to share afterwards.

Secondly, at the conclusion of the 10:15am Mass at Epping on Sunday 15th May, Fathers Geoff and Peter will join us for a blessing and then we will proceed to the parish meeting room for morning tea. I will need to preside at the 10:15am Mass that Sunday as we will have some of the children preparing for First Holy Communion and their families present for what is referred to as a ‘commentated Mass,’ a Mass where I will progressively explain the meaning of what we do at Mass. As with the previous evening we would ask that you bring a plate of food to share at the gathering after Mass.

Finally, there are separate envelopes for Fr Peter and Fr Geoff available at the entrances to the Churches, if you wish to contribute financially to a farewell gift.

Cards are also available should you wish to leave a note of thanks.

Fr Peter
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