In the year 2000 the two parishes of Epping and Carlingford entered a common relationship through the sharing of a single Parish Priest. Over the next six or seven years the parishes entered a process of increasing collaboration and sharing of resources and pastoral programmes, including the sharing of a common parish staff. In July 2007 the two parishes formally became one parish with the name of The Catholic Parish of Epping and Carlingford. In the model we are following however we still retain two distinct (though of course collaborating and cooperating) communities within our single parish structure the communities gathered around our two parish churches of St Gerard's at Carlingford and Our Lady Help of Christians' at Epping.

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear parishioners

By this time of the month of January there is always a strong realisation that the New Year has started and it won’t be long before we are back into the normal run of parish life. Once again on behalf of Fr Geoff and myself I would like to thank all those who contributed to our Christmas celebrations and those who sent various cards, gifts, best wishes etc. throughout the Christmas Season. Your generosity, time and support are always appreciated!

Ash Wednesday commences earlier this year on the 18th February. Once again there will be the opportunity to meet in small groups with other parishioners to pray and discuss the Sunday Lenten readings. It is only by immersing ourselves in the Scriptures year after year that we are formed in the true spirit of the Gospel during this time of preparation for Easter. Over the coming weeks more information will be given about this year’s programme.

Also, you will notice in today’s bulletin details about upcoming meetings regarding the preparation and operation of the audio visual equipment in both our Churches. My hope is that we will have the system of projecting hymns and the main common texts of prayers which we use at Mass in full operation at all Masses no later than the end of February. We are looking for people who would be prepared to assist in preparing the PowerPoint and/or operating the equipment during Mass. If you are able and prepared to assist in this ministry of service for our Parish could you please leave your name and contact details with Maree at the parish Office. All necessary training will be given.

I would also like to thank parishioners who have contributed from both our communities to the St Gerard’s Building and Renovation Appeal. A significant number of contributions were made during the Christmas period and we are moving ever closer to our target. Once again, a big “thank you” to everyone. One bit of good news is we don’t seem to have had any leaks since the work on the Church roof was done even with the heavy rain we have had in recent months.

Finally I have been made aware of some rumours suggesting that with the Development of Epping I am planning to sell the Church at Epping. Normally I don’t bother to comment publically on ‘rumours’ but as a number of people have heard the rumours and asked me about them let me say categorically that while I am Parish Priest we won’t be selling any of the Churches!

Fr Peter
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1300 PRIEST (1300 774 378)

1300 PRIEST will put you in contact with a local Catholic Priest in times of need or if there is illness or death in the family and you need a priest urgently.

The 1300 PRIEST phone number is answered 24-hours, seven days a week. On weekdays from 9am - 5pm the phone number is answered by staff in the Diocese of Broken Bay office. After Hours the phone is answered by Pastoral Care Practitioners who are also associated with the major hospitals in the Diocese.