In the year 2000 the two parishes of Epping and Carlingford entered a common relationship through the sharing of a single Parish Priest. Over the next six or seven years the parishes entered a process of increasing collaboration and sharing of resources and pastoral programmes, including the sharing of a common parish staff. In July 2007 the two parishes formally became one parish with the name of The Catholic Parish of Epping and Carlingford. In the model we are following however we still retain two distinct (though of course collaborating and cooperating) communities within our single parish structure the communities gathered around our two parish churches of St Gerard's at Carlingford and Our Lady Help of Christians' at Epping.

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Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Members of the PPC agree to serve for two years, at the end of that time five members will choose to step down and five will choose to continue for a second term of two years. Four years is the maximum period of service as a member of the PPC.
The current PPC was commissioned for 2014 and 2015. Five new members are now needed for 2016 and 2017.
During the coming weeks you will be invited to consider parishioners whom you would recommend as new members of the PPC.
To assist you with this, some of the desired qualities of PPC members are included below:
A committed and regular member of the parish worshipping community.

Prayerful, with a desire to grow in faith.

A willingness to serve.

Ability to listen and reflect.

Ability to plan, be supportive and work as a member of a team.

A positive and hopeful outlook.

Respect for the opinions and efforts of others.

Approachable and readiness to engage with others.

Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Willingness to serve for a time and then let go.

Ability to articulate and communicate thoughts and opinions.

Generous with time and energy.

Fr Peter

Developing a Parish Response to the Refugee Crisis
If you are interested in developing a Parish response to the current global refugee crisis as suggested by Pope Francis, the Australian Catholic Bishops in their 2015 Social Justice Statement “For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas” and by Bishop Peter Comensoli in his message of 10th September 2015, please contact the parish office. You will be contacted in due course.

Brian Moir
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