In the year 2000 the two parishes of Epping and Carlingford entered a common relationship through the sharing of a single Parish Priest. Over the next six or seven years the parishes entered a process of increasing collaboration and sharing of resources and pastoral programmes, including the sharing of a common parish staff. In July 2007 the two parishes formally became one parish with the name of The Catholic Parish of Epping and Carlingford. In the model we are following however we still retain two distinct (though of course collaborating and cooperating) communities within our single parish structure the communities gathered around our two parish churches of St Gerard's at Carlingford and Our Lady Help of Christians' at Epping.

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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear parishioners Today is Social Justice Sunday. In the light of recent events here in Australia and overseas, we pray especially for all those effected by war, violence in any form and the unjust treatment of peoples based on religion, race or creed. As a nation may we have the wisdom to respond in a proportionate and just way in formulating and applying our laws as we seek to move forward with all Australians in doing all we can in creating a safe and peaceful world. Secondly, my thanks to all who have commented on both the proposed Mass time changes and the “St Gerard’s Church Maintenance and Renovation Appeal” and the work associated with this appeal. I presume any silence means assent so if anyone has any further comments or observations could you please direct them to me as soon as possible. Copies of the letter I issued on the work at St Gerard’s can be found at the back of the Church and the proposed Mass time changes are once again listed below. Two points I would like to add to what I have written there in response to some questions parishioners have asked. Firstly, if carpet isn’t laid on the Church floor, sections of the floor will need some re-concreting work done due to significant chips in the concrete which if left exposed will continue to enlarge over time. Secondly the repair and in some cases what would have to be the purchase of new kneelers where there is obvious warping of the wood, would be highly significant in terms of cost. Fr Peter PROPOSED MASS TIME CHANGES: Our Lady Help of Christians: Vigil Mass (Saturday) 5pm or 6pm Sunday: 8:30, 10:15, 6:00pm St Gerard Majella: Vigil Mass (Saturday) 5pm or 6pm Sunday: 7:45, 9:30
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1300 PRIEST (1300 774 378)

1300 PRIEST will put you in contact with a local Catholic Priest in times of need or if there is illness or death in the family and you need a priest urgently.

The 1300 PRIEST phone number is answered 24-hours, seven days a week. On weekdays from 9am - 5pm the phone number is answered by staff in the Diocese of Broken Bay office. After Hours the phone is answered by Pastoral Care Practitioners who are also associated with the major hospitals in the Diocese.